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Step Up

Community Edition 1.4.x 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x 1.8.x
Free Installation services 180 days free support 2 years of updates

Make your site load in less than half the time now,
decrease processing time by up to 97%,
improve search ranking and most importantly,
boost your sales by giving customers fast, responsive experience.
All this just a click away, thanks to exclusive extension feature - Quick Start.

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Perfectly designed to bring unimaginable performance boost to any Magento store.

Lets face it, Magento platform is by default, even as a fresh installation - very slow. This is due to a highly dynamic code architecture that is using a lot of resource-intensive methods. Quite odd disadvantage for a store-platform, since speed is important, it has been proven that browsing speed is one of the highest factors for great online customer experience.
Now, with that in mind, we took it as a challange:
What if we skip every slow, CPU-intensive method and just serve clients a pre-prepared view of the website, that is the same as if it would have been dynamically built?

Presenting Full Page Cache Feature:

  • Up to 97% lower processing time!
  • 25% faster than any other similair approach on the market
  • Fully configurable
  • Detects different themes and stores
  • Detects customer device (mobile, tablet, pc)
  • Works as an individual system before Magento even builds itself


Feel the speed. Let everybody know, you are all about customer needs and expectations.

Step Up isn't just about server performance. It is about making Magento highly responsive and that - is about client-side performance aswell. We took all state-of-the-art approaches, to:

  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Minify JavaScript & CSS
  • Compress and combine JavaScript & CSS
  • Utilize browser cache


Google measures your site performance. Lets give it our best.

You must have heard of tools like Yslow (by Yahoo) and Page Speed (by Google). In case you haven't, these tools measure your sites performance according to world standards and give you a score that shows how good your site is - performance wise. Worth mentioning, that this factor is also taken into account for SEO, some might even say it is one of the most important ones.

Because of all the features in Step Up, reports show that your Page Speed/Yslow score will increase up to 50%


You shouldn't bother with technical things. We did the hard work for you.

Our customers should never bother with technical details unless they want to. Therefore, we have prepared a genious solution to do all the work of configuration and installation.

We call it, Quick Start:

  • Easy to use
  • Installs and activates Step Up extension with 1 click
  • Detects any problems encountered and offers you a solution with instructions


One word: GREAT! Review by waxflowers @ MagentoCommerce
One word: GREAT! For both extention and support.
Very happy with my purchase Review by CustomHT @ MagentoCommerce
Very happy with my purchase of the Step Up Caching extension. Has definitely made my site a lot faster. We had one minor issue which was quickly fixed by the support team, I think it was more to do with my store than the extension itself.

Would recommend to anyone looking for an easy to setup caching extension..

Well done guys..
Best & easy to use performance upgrade! Review by Miha
I have tried literally every magento boost extension from nitrogento, to lightspeed and the amount of time it took to get started was a major inconvenience. If I could go back in time after trying all of these different extensions, I would have simply started with step up. It's priced lower and the installation is free with top notch support. Everything moves faster with this compared to all of the other extensions I tried. The one-click installation made everything so easy! After my purchase I was up and running in minutes and my site was instantly running much faster than it had previously.
Wonderful product! Review by Christopher
I purchased robogento step up extension and am extremely happy. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the wonderful product. Our load time has dropped from 3 seconds to just under 500 ms. Thanks!
Class A services AND product! Review by Daniel
For support alone I would rate this product 5/5. I had several questions prior to purchasing step up and the staff responded to all of my emails answering every question I had.
As they said, the one-click install made this the simplest and easiest installation
process I've ever seen in a product.

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Can I try this extension for free?

Which payment methods are supported?

How long do I get free updates?

How long do I get free support from Robogento team?

Where can I get support/help?

Can Robogento help me with install?

Will this extension lower the load on my server?

Is it really active and configured with one click?

How to disable/uninstall Step Up?

Can I get a refund in case I'm not satisfied?


Can I try this extension for free?

No. We do not offer free trial. However, we guarantee quality with 30 day moneyback assurance.

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Which payment methods are supported?

Paypal. It is the worlds most used form of online payment, you can use Credit Card, Echecks or simply funds from your paypal.

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How long do I get free updates?

2 years. On all Robogento extensions, the same terms. 2 years of regular updates and bug fixes.

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How long do I get free support from Robogento team?

180 days. Same for all extensions on Robogento. Free support over live chat and email.

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Where can I get support/help?

We have live chat on-site (at the bottom-right of this page).

Also, our skype ID is: Robogento

And, you can contact us at:

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Can Robogento help me with install?

Yes. We designed all extensions with very easy install and configuration in mind, nevertheless, we will be more than happy to help you out setting things up on your website. Just contact us.

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Will this extension lower the load on my server?

Yes. Step up was designed with this mind... Make Magento website faster, more responsive and lower the load on the server.

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Is it really active and configured with one click?

Yes. Our genious, exclusive solution to configuring and setting up, called Quick Start, will do all the work at the press of a button.

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How to completely disable Step Up extension?

To disable Step Up:

  1. Open file on your website server: /app/etc/modules/Robogento_StepUp.xml
  2. Change line: <active>true</active>
    To line:  <active>false</active>
  3. Save file
  4. Clear cache in Magento

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Can I get a refund in case I'm not satisfied?

Yes. We offer full refund within 30 days of purchase, in case you are not satisfied.

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Version 1.1

Released: 28 December 2012 

What is new?

  • Improved performance
  • Minify is now active on individual files aswell (when combine is turned off)
  • Automatic updates check & install
  • Bug fixes

Install guide

1. Prepare the field

First, we need to prepare, check if everything is OK file-wise. Mostly, these are just file permissions that need to be set. So, make sure that:
1.) index.php file is CHMOD 777 (recommended but optional)
2.) .htaccess file is CHMOD 777 (recommended but optional)

After installation is complete, it is recommended to change file permission back to what it was 644 or what is was.

2. Upload extension files

Alright, now that we have everything prepared, lets upload the extension files… You can do this the easiest with a FTP client.
In the extension package that you got (download from My Extensions section). That is where all the files needed are located, and are organized to suit Magento, so you just upload the folders app and lib to the root folder of your Magento installation and you are done!

3. Extension start up

So, now that we have everything in place, go to your administration panel in Magento, and clear cache (System > Cache Management > Flush Cache Storage).
After you have done that, logout of administration, and login again.

Now its time to see the Step Up Extension configuration page… Go to:

System -> Configuration -> RoboGento tab (on the left) -> Step Up
Now the final step, is to run the quick start utility. Just click on the Quick Start button under the Smart Tools section.

Congratulations! Your Magento system has been boosted with the Step Up Extension by RoboGento.

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